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Will GM crops banish world hunger? - No. Are GM crops the only suitable solution? - Definitely not. Do GM crops have anything to offer? - That is what this book is about. If tomatoes are susceptible to a certain fungus that sweet pepper is resistant to, the only way a farmer can protect his tomatoes at the moment is by spraying fungicides. Through GM technology the sweet pepper's resistance to fungi can be transferred to tomatoes, without altering the other characteristics of the tomato cultivar. Result? The tomato plant is able to protect itself and fungicides no longer need to be sprayed. The GMO revolution is not about the controversy surrounding GMOs. This is not a 'dream or nightmare' book that would only contribute to further polarization of the debate. This book aims to offer an honest and balanced insight into how GM crops could be useful in solving current and future issues facing agriculture: from potatoes that can protect themselves against late blight, to trees that can be used in biofuel production, to rice that contains more vitamins and wheat with a safe form of gluten.

Rayons : Sciences & Techniques > Sciences appliquées et industrie > Filières industrielles > Agriculture / Agronomie / Agroalimentaire

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