• Une nouvelle édition du célèbre livre de Ferran Adrià, avec uniquement des recettes réalisables chez soi, publiée à l'occasion du 10e anniversaire de sa sortie.

    Que mange Ferran Adrià au dîner - et comment nourrissait-il sa brigade dans son légendaire restaurant elBulli, au nord de Barcelone ?
    Repas de famille propose 31 menus créés par et pour le chef et son équipe - des recettes qui, chaque soir, donnaient à tous l'énergie nécessaire pour assurer le service. Il s'agit du premier - et unique - livre de recettes de tous les jours imaginé par le chef le plus influent au monde, enrichi pour cette nouvelle édition d'une préface rédigée par Ferran Adrià lui-même.

  • ElBulli 2005-2011 is the catalogue raisonné of elBulli, which was widely regarded as the world's best restaurant until its closure in 2011. Having held three Michelin stars from 1997 to 2011, and regularly voted 'Best Restaurant in the World' by a panel of 500 industry professionals, elBulli was at the forefront of the restaurant scene from when Ferran Adrià became sole head chef in 1987. The restaurant only opened for six months every year in order that the rest of the year could be spent developing a completely new menu for each season. Many hours of development work went into the creation of each spectacular dish at the purpose-built elBulli workshop in Barcelona, and the gastronomic innovations of the creative team have influenced restaurants and chefs around the world.

    ElBulli 2005-2011 is made up of seven volumes, one for each season that the restaurant was open between 2005 and 2011. Each volume starts with a catalogue of photographs of every dish that was served at the restaurant during that year and finishes with detailed recipes explaining how to make every component. There are also notes on hard-to-find ingredients, new techniques, finishing and presentation. The recipes are divided by course, following the unique structure of the elBulli menu: cocktails, snacks, tapas, pre desserts, desserts and morphings.

    The final volume, Evolutionary Analysis, focuses on the creative evolution of the restaurant, key discoveries, produce and analysis of the influences and creative methods that were prominent during each season. Chapters will cover new products, techniques and technologies on a year-to-year basis, looking in depth at how all of the processes combined to continually drive the cuisine at elBulli forward.

    Beautifully presented in an elegant Perspex slipcase, these comprehensive volumes allow unprecedented access to the genius of Ferran Adrià and the creativity that made elBulli legendary. An essential addition to the shelves of anyone interested in modern gastronomy, this is the last chance to uncover the secrets of the world's most-innovative kitchen, now closed forever.

  • A fascinating refl ection on the essence of cooking - from Ferran Adrià's elBullifoundation.

    For groundbreaking chefs such as Ferran Adrià, cooking has reached a level of complexity where science, chemistry, and technology intersect with immense creativity and imagination. Adrià's latest 'Sapiens' volume takes readers on a compelling journey to better understand the relationship between the human race and the process of preparing food. Packed with images from Adrià's legendary restaurant elBulli, his unique personal sketches, and explanatory diagrams that are used in his lectures, this book revolutionizes the way we look at how we prepare what we eat.

  • A new edition of the iconic chef's globally bestselling home-cooking book, published on the 10th anniversary of its first release.

    What does Ferran Adrià eat for dinner - and how did he feed the hard-working staff at his fabled elBulli, the first 'destination restaurant', nestled on the Mediterranean coast north of Barcelona?
    The Family Meal features a month's worth of three-course menus created for and by Ferran and his team - meals that nourished and energized them for each evening's service.
    It's the first - and only - book of everyday recipes by the world's most influential chef, now with a brand-new foreword by Ferran himself.

  • - An exclusive look behind the scenes of elBulli - the best restaurant - in the world, created by Ferran Adrià, the best chef in the world - With over 2 million requests for only 8,000 places every year, elBulli is famous not only for its innovative food but also for the legendary difficulty of getting a table there - Exceptional value, this 600-page book is the first to reveal Adrià's technical secrets and food philosophy - a must-have for anyone interested in restaurants or creative cuisine - A unique opportunity to explore Adrià's creative methods, extraordinary techniques and outstanding dishes, with fully illustrated recipes and diagrams - Includes over 1,200 photographs documenting the painstaking preparations for just one day of service